Plan ICT Lease

Plan ICT Lease

The Plan ICT Lease is the best solution when your customer doesn't exactly know what equipment he will require over the coming months yet. Together with the customer, you make an estimate of the total investment and your customer can set to work.

A Plan ICT Lease case

The Atlance partner has a customer with several branches in the middle of the start-up and planning of a complex ICT project. The customer doesn't have an exact idea of the total investment amount for the hardware. He also has no idea of the costs of the installation and the annual maintenance.

The Atlance partner, together with the customer, draws up a leasing solution in which initially only the duration and the monthly amount are established. The products and services are purchased during the process. If necessary, the monthly leasing amount can be adjusted up or down during the agreed period.

The Plan ICT Lease solution thus makes it possible for the customer to order products, in spite of the fact that he still doesn't have all aspects of the project covered.