Sale & Lease Back

Sale & Lease Back

With the Sale & Lease Back solution, the equipment your customer had previously purchased can also be worked into the leasing contract. Atlance takes possession of the equipment at book or market value and leases it back to your customer. In this way your customer gets a cash injection and he/she evolves from CAPEX to OPEX. With the aid of this cash injection, new opportunities are generated for acquiring new infrastructure.

Case 1, Sale & Lease Back

An Atlance partner put a large amount of ICT equipment into a leasing solution for the end-customer. That customer recently made an acquisitionand wants to modernise the outdated ICT equipment of the company that was taken over, however, there is no budget available for this, nor provisioned.

So, the Atlance partner proposes taking over the existing equipment from the customer at book value. With the aid of this cash injection, the customer is still able to acquire the new ICT equipment. The customer can - and this could be an interesting option - decide to invest the money from the equipment that was sold directly in the company's core business.

Case 2, Sale & Lease Back

An Atlance partner is conversing with a prospect who has to make an unexpectedly large investment in servers. However, he doesn't have the cash to do this. The Atlance partner proposes taking over the whole of the existing installed base at book value and leasing it back at an attractive monthly rate. In this way the ICT investments are taken off the balance-sheet and converted into operating costs. In addition, this frees up the cash for acquiring the servers needed. In that way, the new servers are included in the leasing solution.