Technology Refresh Option


The Technology Refresh Option (TRO) is interesting if the core business of your customer is strongly dependent on the deployment of the latest hardware or if you customer is looking for flexibility regarding the duration of use of the devices. With this option a customer can replace an agreed portion of the products with more modern equipment during the contract. Thus your customer can always have the latest technology at a steady cost.

A TRO Case

An Atlance partner has a customer that rents out giant screens for trade fairs, festivals, pop concerts and open-air film shows. A large part of its turnover is made during the summer months. Leasing is consequently a good solution for flattening out the peaks in the investments.

But that's not enough for this company yet. The developments in the industry are coming so thick and fast that it makes it impossible to introduce new techniques all of a sudden, and that part of the installed base must be replaced as soon as possible by new products. The Technology Refresh Option makes it possible to absorb these peaks. The Atlance partner agrees with the customer a period and a monthly amount with which both the seasonal patterns and the unexpected investment peaks can be processed.